Thursday, January 1, 2009

My car was High Jacked (Literally!) by my 80 year old Papa

The other day I went to town with my friend. Normal enough right? I was devestated to find out that while I was gone my Papa and another neighbor decided to "fix" my car. It isn't broken, why does it need fixin'? It was dark when we got home so all I really noticed was that my car had been moved. I was just about to fall asleep when the phone rang and it was my neighbor informing me that I might need to use his car the next day for work. When I asked why he says" Well uh have you looked outside lately?' to which I responded "No..." and that's when he tells me that my steering was "loose" and they fixed it but my car was kinda sorta jacked up and on blocks. The last car Papa "fixed" ended up catching fire and burning to the ground. To my surprise (and relief!) my car was unharmed but I believe from now on if I leave I'll make sure to hide the spare keys!!!

Ahh the joys of trailer dwelling!

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