Tuesday, November 16, 2010

no good very bad dream...

I had the worst dream I have had in a long time last night. Worst isn't even the word for it really but that's the closest thing to it. I dreamed that there was a truck load of frozen dead babies. People were coming and taking them apart and they were begging me to save them but I couldn't get to them. It was horrible....

Today was just kind of blah...

For the past two days I've just fine and all of the sudden I had to throw up. Yesterday I had to stop in my Mama's drive way and today I had to come back in the house when I was on my way to work. The rest of the day was fine so I just don't know wtheck is going on..

Hope all is well...

Renni :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Let there be light...or not

Today was pretty uneventful. I went and crashed at Mom's for a few hours waiting to see how Uno was going to do. My step Dad ended up taking her to the Vet so I just came home and crashed. Work was pretty steady for awhile then the lights kept going off for like 3 mins at a time which was just enough to cut off the fryer and the computers.
Not Husband took me to Wal- Mart after work he is super sweet he let me have my ice cream instead of his Klondike Bars..I guess that's love :)

Hope all is well

It's 4 am and..I'm bleaching my kitchen

Today was pretty much the same as always. I made Chicken and dumplings from my Mama's top secret recipe and went to work. Not Husband and I came home around 11:30ish. It's funny the things that set you off. He thought he had left his phone at work so he was mad and all growling like an angry bear which I thought was silly so he got mad so I was mad that he was mad and we didn't speak for like 5 whole minutes then he stole my nose and we laughed and appolgized. It's weird to be with someone I can't stay mad at. My neighbors insist on thumping rap at 3 am therefore I can't really sleep so I resorted to bleaching. There is something therputic about having a clean kitchen that reeks of solvents...

Today will be my Papa's 83rd birthday. Happy birthday Papa ( Even though I know you won't see this because you can't believe that something this small can talk to people across the street let alone around the world.)

So here's to bleach and birthday cakes that say happy birthday old people lol my old people laugh at that ... other people not so much

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Starting Over...

So it's over finally, he is gone and I am once again single. He moved out yesterday and I still cannot make myself go face the emptiness that is my house. I will have to go tomorrow and assess the remains of what was our life. In most ways I am happy that it is just over but in others I am sad to see how it ended. I have been living on my mom's couch since Valentine's Day. I am just hoping for better beginnings this time.