Monday, November 15, 2010

It's 4 am and..I'm bleaching my kitchen

Today was pretty much the same as always. I made Chicken and dumplings from my Mama's top secret recipe and went to work. Not Husband and I came home around 11:30ish. It's funny the things that set you off. He thought he had left his phone at work so he was mad and all growling like an angry bear which I thought was silly so he got mad so I was mad that he was mad and we didn't speak for like 5 whole minutes then he stole my nose and we laughed and appolgized. It's weird to be with someone I can't stay mad at. My neighbors insist on thumping rap at 3 am therefore I can't really sleep so I resorted to bleaching. There is something therputic about having a clean kitchen that reeks of solvents...

Today will be my Papa's 83rd birthday. Happy birthday Papa ( Even though I know you won't see this because you can't believe that something this small can talk to people across the street let alone around the world.)

So here's to bleach and birthday cakes that say happy birthday old people lol my old people laugh at that ... other people not so much

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