Thursday, February 19, 2009

I feel like someone is trying to take out my uterus with a claw machine

The week before halloween I started normal period rihgt? WRONG!!! I am still bleeding. Why would you rant about this you must be thinking but I will tell you why.I have been seen by 4 different doctors and nothing. I am in so much freaking pain it is unreal. Every docotor I see has some smart ass nurse that looks at my chart then looks at me and feels the need to tell me that I will probably have to have a hysterectomy. Well thats just what every 21 year old girl needs to hear. Lately, I have become obsessed with babies not that im getting preggers considering the extreme amounts of birth control I am on currently. At least once a week I have a nervous breakdown in my bath tub and ask God why he is punishing me. I have yet to get his answer. Life might be easier but I have no insurance therefore any doctor that might actually help me won't see me because im poor. Bambi has been there with me through all of this taking me to doctors and steering me away from baby clothes in stores. I swear everyone I know is pregnant! everyday someone new tells me about their upcoming baby. I hate being bitter about it I want to be happy for people but it is getting so hard.I just wish I had answers and they could make the pain stop.I realy don't understand it I come from big families both of my grandma's had like 8 kids and mom has 5. So explain to me what happend here.I have wolf and he's great about it. I told him yesterday if he needs to find someone that can have his children to go for it that I understand. He said he just wants me. I just wish that there were more answers.

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