Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ahh too busy to blog!

A lot of newness and old. I guess I'll just post ramblings from my head.
I got a promotion. So I am really tired . I miss having two days off in a week.
My birthday is Sunday and for the first time in my life I am not excited.
I cry at least 3 times a day for no reason.
I give up on a baby. Some people just aren't blessed. I am tired of getting excited only to be super depressed later. So I have stopped getting excited.
I have had alcohol 3 times this week in small quantities. I didn't get sick or turn yellow. Yay Liver!
My mom makes the best food in the world.
I just realized that most of the people that I thought were friends were just acquaintances. Even the best of friends out grow each other.
Why can my Ex and his ok with messing around with engaged men harlot have a baby and I cannot? I think I must of ran over some very important 'possums.
If it can go wrong it will.
I hate my car.
I don't really want to get married anymore but I am so far entangled I can't really say no.
I think my dad is coming home from Iraq. I say I think because I am not important enough to tell these things. I am only his oldest child and his only daughter. Asshole.
I had cookies for dinner last night.
Sometimes I have panic attacks at work and have to hide in the freezer because it takes my breath and makes me stop crying. Plus the freeziness keeps my face from turning red.
My friend would have been 21 5 days ago. I miss him. He always had the best insults.I regret not getting to tell him bye.
My ex keeps trying to get me to help him cheat on his wife. I am engaged and not a hooker so I declined.
My eyes are getting worse so I can barely read the screen.Thanks stupid glasses that broke.
My tags expire in 2 days and my new car won't crank.
One of my best friends hates me because I got the job he was suppose to get.
I just realized that I have nothing really to show for my life.
I wish mom would make me some Stroope waffles.
I read the divorces first in the Sunday paper because it's the best part.
Is it wrong to want to go away for a few days...alone?
I complained about the music in the kitchen today only to realize I liked the song they were blarring.
I stole a rooster that was in the middle of the road and gave him to my mom.
Ahh too much nothing lol
Peace and Captain Crunch!


  1. I've been reading your last several blogs, and you seem so sad. Why do you HAVE to marry this guy? Do you love him?

    You seem young... how old are you? Do you know for sure that you can't get pregnant? Could it be that God is blessing you, and He'll give you a baby when the time is right?

    On the other hand, as someone who's trying to adopt, it's a wonderful thing to do!

    You can email me directly if you want to talk privately-- I'm clickable!

  2. Think positive, Renni! First of all, it's never to late to call off a wedding, no matter how"entangled" you think you might be. You should never settle, ever.

    Stropwafels are hard and I have been sick, but maybe WE can make them today. : )

    That rooster was NOT stolen, he was all alone on the highway. besides, we found out who he actually belonged to, called him, and he said I could have that rooster and offered me 2 more LOL

    Finally, don't rush the baby thing. One will come when the time is right. You really wouldn't want to have a baby with someone you aren't even sure about marrying. I know you could raise a child fine on your own but it would be great for the child to have a loving and supportive father.