Monday, July 6, 2009

Maybe Monday

Life is full of maybe and might.
Maybe I am too nice.
Maybe I am a bad driver
Maybe I do have little bit of road rage but seriously, if you are driving 30 in a 55 while on the wrong side of the road of course I am going to honk and call you and idiot.
Maybe I shouldn't have took the management position. I miss being nothing and getting to go home while it's still the day I went in on.
Maybe I am going to sign up for college classes.
Maybe I'm scared to get married.
there's no maybe there actually. I am scared.
Maybe I'll go tan this week.
Maybe I am secretly glad that people are always asking me to do stuff.
Maybe I just want a nap. 
Maybe I'll cut my hair and get one of those weird choppy messy cuts. I like those.
Maybe I really missed the other shift leader this week. He laughs at my jokes :D
Maybe I am angry that the trash my ex was messing around with is now pregnant. 

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