Thursday, July 9, 2009

Top Ten Thursday!

This weeks Top Ten 
Thing that make me happy!
1. Bright colors. 
I love teals and pinks and greens. They make my heart smile.
2. When my house is clean.
 Disorganization leads to depression and stubbed toes. Wolf cleaned the house so now it smells like pine sol and not old gym socks!
3. Candles.
I love candles that smell fruity or like cinnamon rolls. They are very calming.
4. Babies!
Last week there was a lady wit ha little boy that was maybe about 4 months old. He was screaming and she was trying to pay at the shoe store. I asked her if I could hold him cause im squishy and babies dig it. Within minutes he was fine. That made me happy.
5. Girls night out.
Once a week I go out with my Mom and my aunt and we eat Mexican food and gossip. It's nice to get out.
6. Books
I am one of the geekiest people on Earth. I love to read. I love the smell of a new book. 
7. Duct Tape.
There is no better feeling than sitting for an hour and taking pieces of tape and turning them into things that people want to buy.
8. Tallen and Ross
They are two of the cutest kids on this planet. They are very smart and always say what they are thinking. If I want to know if something is too tight all I have to do is be in a room with Tallen for 3 minutes and he will be sure to tell me.
9. My MP3 Player.
 I have had it a few years but it is loaded with my favorite songs and when I need to escape for a minute it is the best vacation.
10. Chocolate.
 There is no bad day that chocolate can not fix. I love it.

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  1. Candles, chocolate, and books make me happy too! Happy Friday!