Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I miss you so freakin much today.
I am here.
You are not
I am angry.
I work with a girl that is pregnant and shes been getting high.
I would have done everything to make it so that I could of had you.
I have a low tolerance for bullshit now.
If the world asks, I am not in my room with the curtains pulled and the door shut listening to Everclear and crying. It has been 18 weeks.
My heart is still breaking.
Somedays it is getting harder to pretend I am ok.
Somedays I don't want to.
Before I had beliefs that I knew were the truth.
You do the right thing and good things will happen for you.
I always donate a dollar for the charities at the stores.
I open doors for old people.
I do EVERYTHING anyone asks me to do
I never say no.
I have given people the food in my cabinets so they wouldn't go hungry.
I do not do drugs.
I rarely drank.
I do not smoke, gamble or steal.
All I asked for was you.
and I lost you.
This Karmatic system that I have based my life's morals and beliefs around is flawed.
Smoke crack.
Throw rocks at the elderly.
You shall prosper.
At this moment I don't believe in anything.
I did.
Now my heart is hollow.

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