Monday, June 27, 2011

My Life in 30 Days

Day 18 :Something you are afraid of:
I can not swim.
On multiple occasions different people have tried to teach me.
This usually ends badly.
They try the whole throw me in thing,
I panic,
and about drown us both.
The thought of drowning is terrifying to me.
If I can not touch the bottom I panic.
I am perfectly happy getting my toes wet and staying in the shallow water.

Is what I posted on FB as my reply to this topic today.
Realistically, this is a fear of mine.
It's PG enough to post there.
People will laugh and go on.

My biggest fear is that it will happen again.
That I will lose another one.
That we will that never have a baby of our own.
I could not handle another loss of that magnitude.
I won't drink now.
Just in case.
Because I cannot have that on my shoulders.

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  1. On second thought...I am not pregnant. I am sad though's to my friend Jack :)