Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Was my face RED Wednesday!

Was My Face Red! Wednesday

If you have ever watched the Patty Duke Show you might understand how this could be possible. When I was in my mid- teens I had long blonde hair. My cousin Dale, also had long blonde hair of the exact same shade. I do not look like a man and he does not look like a woman. For some reason though, at that point in our lives, we looked exactly the same.

Dale did the mowing at the place where we lived at that point in time and he also did a lot of the repairs for our landlord. If anyone needed anything worked on Dale was usually the person that they would tell to make sure it would get fixed because our landlord was older and tended to forget.

One afternoon I had been out walking and noticed that one of our not so bad looking, new teenage neighbors was flagging me down. Me, being the hormonal 16 year old I was, thought that he wanted to talk to me because maybe he thought I was cute.

I walked over all giggly because hey thing older guy was wanting to talk to ME!!! I get over there and he looks at me and says "Oh. I thought you were that guy that does the mowing. The sinks broke."
I was crushed. The new hot neighbor guy had mistaken me for Handy Manny.

Over the years we both had similar experiences. People that worked for my Step Dad often confused us or said they knew we had to be twins or at least brother and sister. As we have gotten older my hair has darkened and he lost a bet once and had to cut his off and has kept it that way ever since. For awhile there we were Identical Cousins :)

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