Friday, June 12, 2009

Go Figure Friday...

Even a two year old can be bribed.
My Godson is almost 3 and still drinks from a bottle. It is messing up his teeth plus he just looks silly. The thing he wants most in the world is a Spider man bike. His mother agreed to pay half of it as long as he came up with $15 dollars of it. After spending a few hours with him the other  day I told him that bottles were for babies and if he would throw his away I'd give him the rest of his half of the bike. This worked so now he is on his way to his new big boy bike and his baby sister is now drinking from a cup. 
I had a nightmare about my co-worker.
I dreamed that a guy I work with was blind and I was taking a bath and he barged in and kissed me while having dip in his mouth. I threw up in my dream and woke up sick.
Where is the baby 'possum?
I am a known sleep walker. A few weeks back I was out in my yard at like 3 am in my night gown yelling for my brother. I woke up freezing with mud on my feet. I had also left the front door open. According to Wolf, I have been waking up nightly looking for a baby 'possum.  He tells me that he doesn't know where it is and I go back to bed. I have also been eating Oreos in my sleep. I woke myself up last week chewing on a Oreo in the middle of my kitchen at like 3 am. This has got to stop. I have noticed the more stressed I am the more often this happens.
My phone dials it's self.
I have been friends with Alan for years. We would never work as a couple which has been proven time and time again. He is very jealous of Wolf and a few weeks ago we argued over the fact that he was acting like an ass. I am marrying Wolf in September he can get over it. Anyway while we were arguing he said that he never ever ever wanted to talk to me again and for me to lose his number. My feelings were hurt but I didn't call mainly because I so mad at the way he had acted. Well, the other night I couldn't sleep. Everyone everywhere was asleep and I got up for a few minutes and walked around the house. When I got back to bed I heard the phone beeping and I was sure that it must be going dead so I picked it up to put it back on the charger. It had went through the memory and landed on Alan's number which is like 6th on my call list. It creeped me out so I hung it up and went to sleep. The next night I called him to check on him because usually when things like that happen something is wrong with the person. He was fine and had apparently sent me an email to say he was sorry.


  1. stopping by from SITS!

    gotta say I don't understand anyone telling a 3 year old to come up with money for anything! I have a teenager and a 3 year old!

  2. I know I thought the same thing but he gets allowence. She said she's trying to teach him to save. She's the mom I'm just the lady with candy.