Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Was My Face Red Wednesday!

Was My Face Red! Wednesday

                   I once dated a guy who shall remain nameless. Anyway, this guy was from the same area that I am and we were talking about people that we both knew. Well while we were sitting in a parking lot at a gas station I said "There is that hooker woman." He looked at me  and asked "What do you mean" I said "You know she's like a super swinger. Her and her husband have been hooking up with some of the migrant workers out the road." I guess he really didn't know. About that time  the lady walks over and starts talking to the guy.  A few minutes later he looks at me and says  "Oh! Renni have you met my aunt?" I could have died right there! Apparently, everyone but him knew about the swingerness but my date.

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