Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tribute Tuesday!

Tuesday's Tribute

This week's tribute is to my Mom.
She is always there to tell me my clothes don't match or to braid my hair when I can't reach it and it's all frizzy. She has ran off my loser ex-  boyfriends when they tried to show up and intimidate me. She has bought super glue and ice cream when my heart was shattered.She taught me to read and write. She gave me the love of a great novel or old mushy movie. She taught my sisters and me to sing in harmony while cooking. We are very Brady LOL. She taught me not to judge people based on religion, race or sexual orientation. We have never been rich but she taught me to put more stock in people than in things. She has supported me in my business ventures from Avon to Duct Tape she has always tried to help me make the most of things. I inherited her eyes and her temper lol. 
I would put a picture of her but she'd kill me!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. what a sweet tribute :) stopping by from SITS!

  2. Aww, thanks! Now, stop slouching and sit up straight!

  3. Thats great, moms are the best!