Saturday, June 6, 2009

Why Fiancee Has No Hair...

Yesterday we were in the car and I looked at Wolf and I was like "You need a haircut"

Him: "I don't want a haircut"
Me: "But you REALLY need a haircut!"
Him: "It's not that hot. I am never cutting my hair again"
Me: "Please?"
Him: "Haircuts are too expensive"
Me: "I'll Pay for it :) "
Him: "I don't want you to pay for it. I'm Just not getting one"
Me "You look like a duck is sitting on your head and his butt is hanging out of the back of your hat. Please just get a haircut!"
Him: " No"

So we get home and he stomps through the house and gets out these 400 year old flea market find hair clippers. I went over the whole I'll pay for you to get a hair cut thing again and he declined. I walked through the house to get something I needed to get ready for work and when I came back to the bathroom he's standing at the mirror hacking away. Something happened and the guard didn't work so he had this semi-bald spot on the front of his hair. He keeps hacking until he has half of his head shaved and then his "perfectly fine " clippers died. At this point I'm kind of hiding because it is MY fault that he decided to use the P.o.S clippers. I asked him why he didn't borrow our neighbors clippers and he asked me why didn't I borrow our neighbors clippers. So I walked to Bambi's and begged her to let me use her clippers and not to laugh at Wolf when she seen him.

Long story short he finished shaving his head and is still bitter about the whole thing. Plus, he's kinda bald now. I just wanted him to spend 8 bucks and go to the barber.

Renni :)


  1. Lol, oh no! Well, hopefully he looks good bald. Just wanted to wish you to SITS! Enjoy your weekend. ;)

  2. Too funny! I usually cut my 14 year old son's hair with clippers, I have since he was little. Occasionally we go for free cuts when our local place has training sessions. 1 cut at the training session lasted an eternity and for awhile he would immediately agree to allow me to cut his hair. Now he is going for that Zack Efron longer bangs swept from the side look and he's got monstrously thick hair, so it's not really something I can duplicate since I don't have special scissors.

  3. LOL Great post! I could have written it - i just had the same conversation with my husband! :)
    I'm visiting from SITS. I'm going to follow so i can stay tuned. You have a cute blog here. :)
    Visit mine if you'd like!