Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Was My Face Red Wednesday!

Was My Face Red! Wednesday

A few years back I was working retail and had two friends who were both short and blond with glasses. I will call them Amber  and Bee. Well one day Amber told me that she was pregnant. She was excited and I was excited for her. Everyday we talked about the baby names and room themes and such. Well, Amber wasn't showing and only a few people even knew she was pregnant. I was all the time getting her mixed up with Bee. They really did look a lot alike and it would only take me a second to realize which one I was talking to. One, day Bee walked up and without thinking I was like " How's the baby?" To this Bee replied "What BABY?" OOps :( In my defense they looked a lot like. To this day I can't look at Bee without thinking she thought that I was saying she was fat.

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