Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday already...

My Blog is Getting a Makeover
When I finally made it to Mom's she told me to look at my blog.Apparently, she has spent the hours since I seen her last remodeling my Blog! I love it!!! Thanks Mom!
Wolf isn't Above Robbing Children
We went by Lorra's on our way to town and noticed that her daughter and her friend were having a yard sale. They were excited to see us because we were the first and only people to stop all day. While I was rummaging through clothes and books Wolf was looking at dvd's. The girls had them marked at $3 each and he asked them if they would take $10 for the whole mess of them. The girls were excited at the offer so they took it. We ended up with:
17 Dvd's 
A Shelf Towel Rack Combo
3 Shirts
1 Dress for Ross 
Two books 
All for $17 
I love the Dirt Mall
Ok I am a sucker for deals. Slap a red sticker on something or throw it in a bin to dig through and you've made my day.
We stopped by the flea market and they were closing up which is apparently the best time to go by. Everyone is hot, tired and not wanting to pack all the stuff up so they are willing to make a deal.
My Dirt Mall Finds:
1 Little House on the Prairie Book $1
10 Little Golden Books for Ross and Tallen  $5
Tea/ Coffee Set Very Pretty! $2
3 piece Canister Set $2
1 Stuffed Dog that looks likes Percy for Ross $1
A box of 20 cd's and cd-roms $3
2 Hats for Wolf and Dad $5
4 wall hanging picture things that match a painting in  Mom's Kitchen $1
So for like $ 20 I got a car load of great deals!
Anyway Pics to follow ...
Thanks everyone that's been reading or following my blog!


  1. I have never heard a flea market called a dirt mall! What a great name for it!

    It sounds like you got some great deals!

    (I found you through your mom's blog...I am not a stalker.)

  2. Thanks! Thanks for not being a stalker. Stalkers tend to be creepy :D