Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Was my Face Red!

Was My Face Red! Wednesday

In my family I am kind of known as a ditz. Most people end family cook outs with "Remember when Renni said this or remember when Renni did that" So have dug out the box of things I would rather not remember to bring you this great story :)

I am terrified of heights. Every now and then I convince myself that I will be OK being up high and do something stupid like climb a tree or a ladder only to have a panic attack and need assistance getting down. A few years ago my Aunt Lorra had just moved into her new house. I went over while they were moving in and her daughter was showing me around. While we were standing in her hallway I looked up and noticed a string handing from the ceiling. I asked Lorra what it was and she told me that it went to the ladder that lead up to the attic. Well, me forgetting the whole part about attics being high up, let her daughter talk me into going up to explore it. I climbed all the way to the top and I was fine, until I looked down. Her fiance ended up having to help me down while my aunt and my cousins stood there laughing. I was only like six feet up but it looked like six miles...

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